A supportive place for your preschooler to practice independence

The purpose-built Tarro-Tarro room is home to a preschool program for children from 4 -5 years of age.

Our preschool program is led by an Early Childhood Teacher and one qualified educator to every ten children.

We offer the same program run in kindergartens, early learning centres or stand-alone preschools.

Preschool is also called kindergarten.


The Program

In the Tarro-Tarro room, your preschooler is supported as they build independence in readiness for school. We believe in the following three key principles which are embedded into the daily activities in our room:

  • The child is the centre of the learning
  • Attachment theory
  • Supporting your child’s independence

Learning about Indigenous culture is a feature of our preschool program where our children learn about sustainability and respecting the land and animals. Your child will also experience Kaurna language through song and cultural learning experiences, including our daily acknowledgement of country and singing our Ninna Marni welcome song.

In the Tarro-Tarro room, your kindergarten child will be supported to make decisions for themselves such as:

  • When to have their meal during our progressive meal times
  • Choosing to save their work to come back to at another time or day
  • Sharing any moments or happiness, sadness or other feelings

We’ll encourage your child to engage in our room activities to build their self-confidence and love of lifelong learning. Your child will believe in our “Yes we can!” ethos and see themselves as a capable and confident person who can take on challenges.

Daily Routine (Tarro-Tarro)

Our centre opens at 7:00 am and all children gather in the Yambo room for breakfast (available before 8:00 am). At 8:00 am the older children move to their rooms with their educators to start their learning experiences. At 5:30 pm all the children come back to the Yambo room to finish off the day. (Please see specific room routines for more information)

8:00am Self-directed play (indoor/outdoor)
9:30 am Progressive morning tea
9:30 am Self-directed indoor/outdoor play continues
11:30 am Group experiences
11:45 am Progressive lunch begins
12:15pm Self-directed indoor/outdoor play continues
1:50 pm Children tidy and reset their own space
2:00 pm Quiet rest time
2:30 pm Afternoon tea is offered
3:00 pm Group projects
4:45 pm Children assist with packing up the room
5:15 pm Late snack
5:30 pm Children combine as one group in the Yambo (babies) room

Our room routines are flexible and responsive to your child’s needs, and individual routines are catered for throughout the day.

What do I need to provide for my child?

Spare Clothing

A spare change of clothes and extra underwear for toilet accidents.

Rain Gear

Weather appropriate clothing such as jackets, gumboots, beanies.


Please bring your child’s comforters if required such as a dummy, teddy bear or sleeping bag.


Hats and water bottles are provided by the centre.

"Not only has our son made friends but we have too. Such a wonderful community feel with great people. Our son loves going here."

Alicia – Camden Park