A place for your toddler to explore and learn

Wadla is a place where your toddler will feel a sense of belonging and begin to establish their lifelong learning skills. Your toddler will learn through play with singing, storytelling, music and movement a regular part of each day.

Our Wadla room caters for toddlers from 2 to 3 years of age and provides one qualified educator to every five children to ensure your child feels cared for and safe at all times.


The Program

In the Wadla room, your toddler will enjoy an inclusive environment and a safe and nurturing play space. Our routine is flexible to cater you to your child’s needs so we can ensure their meals, sleep, rest and learning and development activities are provided at the right time, in the right way.

We follow the Early Years Learning Framework with programs developed through observing, documenting and analysing children’s strengths, interests and ideas. Your toddler will enjoy a stimulating environment where their curiosity will be encouraged, allowing them to experience new concepts and challenges in a safe and supportive place. Developing self-help skills and independence is a big focus for children in the Wadla room, and your child will be guided to take on tasks such as washing their own hands and dressing themselves.

Influenced by the Reggio Emelia philosophy and the 100 languages of children, we encourage verbal language to develop your child’s communication skills through talking, singing, storytelling and other creative mediums.

In the Wadla room, we welcome you to get involved to ensure the best learning outcomes for your children. You’ll be invited to share information about your child and to be involved in all aspects of your toddler’s learning journey.

Daily Routine (Wadla)

Our centre opens at 7:00 am and all children gather in the Yambo room for breakfast (available before 8:00 am). At 8:00 am the older children move to their rooms with their educators to start their learning experiences. At 5:30 pm all the children come back to the Yambo room to finish off the day. (Please see specific room routines for more information)

8:00am Self-directed play (indoor/outdoor)
9:30 am Progressive morning tea
10:30 am Programmed experiences
10:45 am Planned activities/spontaneous play
11:30 am Progressive lunch
1:00pm Rest time (quiet activities)
1:30pm Planned activities/spontaneous play
3:00pm Progressive afternoon tea
3:00pm Self-directed play (indoor/outdoor)
5:15 pm Late snack
5:30 pm Children combine as one group in the Yambo (babies) room

Our room routines are flexible and responsive to your toddler’s needs, and individual sleep routines are catered for throughout the day.

What do I need to provide for my child?

Spare Clothing

A spare change of clothes and weather appropriate clothing such as jackets, gumboots, beanies. Hats are provided by the centre.


Please provide bottles of formula or breastmilk, with your toddler’s name clearly marked.


Please provide at least six nappies for your toddler each day.


Please bring your toddler’s comforters as required such as a dummy, teddy bear or sleeping bag.

"The centre has a great community feel. Staff are really friendly and caring."

Jade - Plympton Park