Today we visited the Pines nursing home. We performed three songs, 'Nina Marni', 'You sre my sunshine' and 'I can sing a rainbow'. We then went and introduced ourselves to the residents. We drew pictures with them and danced to their music in the background. We had such a fabulous time exploring our wider community and can’t wait to explore more of it.

What we did?

“I was dancing” Eloise
“That made me feel happy” Hugh
“Colouring” Annabel
“Dancing” Kate
“Dancing too” Coco
“I saw stickers” Elouisa
“Drawing” Alana
“I danced” Rafe
“Drawing“ Heidi
“Drawing and dancing” Archer

Carter told one of the residents that we were growing strawberries at Camden Park Child Care Centre and one has a red leaf!